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Welcome to the “art of energy healing”,
My name is Dora, my journey to become an energy healer was long and complex. My formal education began with a Master Degree in Physical Education; Master Thesis in Anthropology in Poland. Choosing the field was not accidental. Since my early childhood, I was involved in physical activities like running and track & field. I took part in national and international sport competitions, winning various prizes and medals. This experience reflected on my aptitudes and carved me into a self-confident person with a positive attitude toward learning, growth, setting and achieving goals, self discipline, motivation and ambition. Beside the love for sport, I have always been fascinated with the beauty and harmony of the human body, mind and movement. The inner and outer personal strengths I developed throughout my life helped me to survive a very challenging time when I immigrated to Canada. Adapting to a brand new life in a new country was very difficult but I felt compelled to accept the new and exciting challenge. Moving to the most amazing, spectacular and natural picturesque setting of the majestic Coast Mountain range and waters of the Pacific shore provided peace, harmony and safety, and it was the seed and stimulation that evoked my spirit to accelerate my personal and spiritual development.

The next step in my amazing and career-changing journey was expressing myself through art to heighten my imagination, creativity and inspiration. I worked in a professional environment as a Graphic Designer for many many years where I was provided with the opportunity to express my feelings, passion and thoughts by putting forward my creative ideas, sharing my design vision, and inspirations.

My first encounter with energy healing was several years ago, when I was instantly healed from a kind of a cancer, it happened to me like a miracle, like a blessing, like a gift to show me that there is more powerful universal life force of healing energy that is beyond my comprehension.
It changed my life completely; it changed my beliefs and thought patterns. It opened my heart and my eyes to an entirely different world, a world of trust, unconditional love and compassion.
I am so grateful for that experience and now I can offer my gift of being an instrument of healing and an open channel to the greater energetic flow and higher energetic vibrations.
It is my great pleasure and honor to share the gift of healing with you. It is now my time to pay back to save other souls...
But as the old saying goes: “Action speaks louder than words”...

I began to study the field of universal energy healing right after I was healed. I did not expect to become an “instant” healer overnight instead I had an open mind to all the possibilities and I accepted the fact that I won’t have all the answers rightaway and let myself be fully aware of the life force energy by starting to work on my personal development; creating a balance and a state of harmonious existence between all aspects within. I was focused to raise the vibration and the flow of positive energy within me through meditations. My next step was to shift that energy in order to create and manifest big changes in my life to bring me closer to my dreams; to grow and develop my healing gifts.
I attended many workshops and courses, among them Trance Healing courses at Arthur Findlay College in London, UK; Reiki Healing, Pranic Healing, Healing Matrix and Spine healing courses.
All this was done to gradually build up the healing energy and channeling skills to flow the greater measure of the energy through my own energy body.
It took many years of development to learn how to use the attunement process as well as learning how to work in complete harmony with myself and others.
Practice makes perfect; and each time I give healing I learn something new; I never stop learning...
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I am a certified spiritual and trance healer, registered with the International Spiritual Alliance.
I have also a passion for crystals and their healing energies... and have been working with them energetically and meditatively and collecting them for many many years.

This photo was taken during my trip to Brazil, Abadiania at the Casa of Joćo de Deus
(John of God), August 2011

crystal photo

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