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crown chakra

The Crown Chakra -Sahasrara (Thousand Petaled Lotus)

Element: Thought | Symbol: Lotus

Colours: Violet / white

Sense: Empathy, Unity

Location: Crown of the head

Function: Intuitive knowing, connection to spirituality, duality, emotional feelings, understanding, knowledge, wisdom, vision, union- integration of the whole, conscious awareness.

Physical areas & Glands: Pineal gland, top center of the head and midline above the ears, brain, central nervous system, skin, hair.

Physical Dysfunctions: Anxiety and depression, bipolar disorder, coma or amnesia, headache, migraine, stroke, brain tumor, epilepsy, Multiple sclerosis, Parkinson's disease, Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) and dyslexia, Cognitive delusions, ALS (Lou Gehrig's disease), mental illness, schizophrenia, and multiple personality disorder, Dementia or Alzheimer's disease, chronic exhaustion, sensitivity to light and sound.

Excessive: Over-intellectualization, spiritual addiction, confusion, dissociation from body.

Deficient: Spiritual cynicism, learning difficulties, rigid belief systems, apathy, materialism, greed, attachment to worldly things, domination of others, know-it-all, need to be right, belief in limitations.

Balanced: Sense of spiritual connection, open-minded, wisdom and mastery, broad understanding and learn information more easily, intelligent, thoughtful, aware, ability to perceive, analyse and assimilate information.

Traumas and Abuses: Withheld information, rigid belief systems, education that ruins curiosity, forced religion, invalidation of one’s beliefs, blind obedience (no right to question or think for oneself), misinformation, lies, spiritual abuse, limiting beliefs, lack of purpose, loss of meaning or identity, lack of self-understanding, lack of direction, fear of death, attachment, father or mother issues.

Related Gemstones: Amethyst, Diamond, Alexandrite, Clear quartz, Moldavite, Selenite.

Related Essential Oils: Ylang-Ylang, Rosewood, Linden or Lime Blossom, Lotus

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